Press Release for RASSEA’s First Meeting

Press Release for RASSEA’s First Meeting 

“Link and Connectivity” 

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Friday, 19th February 2021. Rural Advisory Services for Southeast Asia (RASSEA) was held a virtual meeting via Zoom. These meetings started from 01.30 PM until 3.00 PM (GMT+7). RASSEA’s first meeting was attended by Dr. Siti Amanah, Ms. Lani Eugenia, Dr. Eric Palacpac, Prof. Dr. Norsida Man, Dr. Johan D. Wetik, Dr. Suprehatin, Ms. Endri Martini, Dr. Epsi Euriga, Mr. Darmadi Tariah, Ms. Nurul Dwi Novikarumsari, Mr. Alexander Simon, and Ms. Dellariza Ramadhan Putri.

RASSEA’s first meeting was held to build the link and connectivity within the committee and affiliates of this organization. These meeting had some following agendas there are meet and greet for all attendees, opening speech about existing status of RASSEA, update from Indonesia, PhilEASnet, Malaysia, and CIRAS. Then discuss about governance of the RASSEA, and the last is enhancing RASSEA (secretariat, capitalization, financial sustainability, branding, networking for mutual benefits). 

Indonesia major achievements from last year are jointly held an international conference on human capital development from sustainable perspective on 8th October 2019, multi stakeholder’s discussion on strengthening extension in Southeast Asia Held by RASSEA on 9th October 2019, sharing inputs for LMP held by APIRAS in  August 2019, knowledge sharing on agricultural extension in the ne-era held by Lampung University in June 2020, community of practice toward food sustainability held by Global Learning Experience Singapore University of Social Science in July 2020, and conducted a case study on AHCI in Indonesia about Public Private Producers Partnership (responded to call from IFPRI).

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