Agriculture in Indonesia is currently facing the challenge of reducing productive agricultural human resources. This condition requires the Indonesian government to move to find solutions to these problems.

Agriculture must have a sale value so that the younger generation is interested in pursuing it. One way is to introduce the world of agriculture early to school students. The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia are working together to realize this idea through the Merdeka Curriculum. Through the independent curriculum, students are introduced directly to the fields of work, including agriculture, animal husbandry, batik, and others. Students are introduced to these fields starting from kindergarten to high school.

On Monday, 13th February 2023, Students of senior high school (SMA Negeri 3) Pangkalpinang visited the Petaling Experimental Garden belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture in Pangkalpinang. Students are introduced to vegetable cultivation techniques starting from land processing to post-harvest. Through the independent learning program, it is hoped that there will be the regeneration of farmers in Indonesia. So that activities in the agricultural sector can take place continuously to realize food availability for the population in Indonesia.

Figure 1. Transfer Knowledge to Students in Field

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